Sunday, 29 May 2016


Well hello there Bloggers.  Is there any body out there?

Its been 6 years since I closed this blog!  SIX YEARS = gets back up off the floor.

I stopped crafting for a long while but have found my way back and am enjoying the ink, papers, scissors, punches etc etc and the creativity that crafting brings.

So.... I found that my little inchy blog is still here and wondered whether I would be able to start it up again.

It seems blogging itself has changed a lot in the last six years - then when we blogged we commented a lot on each other's producs.  Now people seem to stop by but not comment as much - I think FB has  taken over the social side of blogging.  But I love to come on to my blog and find a comment.  Its through my Inchy Blog that I met my dear friend Karen, we met up and have become firm friends.  Had we not commented on each other's blogs that would never have happened.

So, first things first  I'm going to see if this gets picked up in blogland, see if there are any comments and see if anyone wants to start making little inchies again.


For those of you who may never have made inchies before they are 1" square works of art.  The challenge with them is to try and get across the theme on such a small piece of paper.  This week there is no theme so it's free rein but the only rules are they must be square.

There are also Rinchies, which are round, and Twinches which are 2" square and occasionally I will be adding these to the mix but generally we work with an Inchy.

To get you started I'm doing a nice easy challenge and, if we get any players, there will be a small prize for the winner.

So for my first challenge - I want to see you use an inchy or two on a card.  There - Simple!

I've used Serene Silhouettes from Stampin' Up! on my card which is retiring in a few days time.  As I'm now a Stampin' Up! Demonstrator you may see me use a lot of their products but no hard sell.  You are free to use any products you like on my blog!

The challenge will run until 6th June..  After that, new challenges will  be set every Monday.

Add your Inchy to the Mr Linky thing below.

Happy Crafting and I hope to see you joining in!



Jaz said...

Hey Fiona - will have a go - how long have we got. Might as well make use of my retired 1 inch square punch!

Fiona said...

We have a week Jaz - until Monday 6th June

Debbie T said...

I am very new to the whole blogging scene but if I can do it, I will have a go.

Karen Taylor said...

Hi Fiona - could you tell me how this works please? Do we post on our own blog and then link here?

Fiona said...

Hi Karen - I've managed to work out how to put a ILinkz on here so that should be easy. Hope it works

Christine said...

Hi Fiona, found your blog and will have a go. Am I correct in thinking any size of card but it must include 1" cards?

Fiona said...

Yes Christine - any size card for this challenge but it must include a one inch Inchy which can be any theme. If you have a look through all the earlier posts on this blog it will give you an idea of what is involved.

Karen McDonald said...

Will definitely be joining in, Fiona :)
It's a great idea!

don 17 said...

Hi ,I checked into my blog this morning ( can't sleep!) after a Years ! And found you had returned !! Welcome back
When I'm well and able I would love to join in with your itchy challenge ... Like you my crafting has been on the back burner
But slowly getting inspired and some omphhh ! Back. Xx

Sam Bonney said...

That's funny just checking through my old blogs and you have returned 😀 I will be joining in again xx

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