Monday, 2 August 2010


Well - here we are at the end of our Alphabet Inchy Challenge and congrats to all of you who stuck with us from A-Z.

My Z is for Zentangle - something I've never done - and probably won't again! lol!

You know the saying "Good Things Come to She Who Waits"? I've decided to have a break over August - its my celebrations for my 25th Wedding Anniversary together with a holiday to Greece and a daughter to get ready for Uni and a son to get ready for College so I'm going to give the blog a bit of a breather


We'll be back at it again September 6th with our brand new challenge..............................

I'll tell you all about it on 6th September!!!!!!!

Enjoy the rest of the holiday season - hope the sun shines for you


missy k said...


great Z - Zentangle, I think they are supposed to be relaxing!!!!

thanks for keeping us going from A to Z!

have a great August and a wonderful time in Greece and good luck with Uni and college planning and congratulations on your 25th anniversary!

ps can't believe you are going to make us all wait till September!

If we meet up in Romsey, I think I may try to persuade you to divulge or at least give me a clue!!!!!

Love Karenx

AngelaC said...

Zentangle... that's a new one on me! I've chosen something much more obvious:

my blog

Hope you have a wonderful anniversary and holiday in Greece!

Carole said...

Enjoy your summer Fiona!

Fiona Whitehead said...

Mine are on my blog - I was a bit behind with keeping the blog up to date. Now I wonder if there is any further information about the new challenge on my blog?????

Lesley said...

Great Z Fiona! I have loved doing this challenge and am looking forward to seeing what you have for us in September, thank you xx

Here is mine

tfl xx

PS off to check your blog out now Fiona lol!

Irish3 said...

Here is my Z!!!!


Have fun and I look forward to starting up again!!!

JaN's ArTy AtC JouRneY said...

Fabby 'Z'
Zentangles are not my thing either LOL!
Been a fun challenge - Thanks Fiona!
Enjoy your break!
Have a fun holiday in Greece!
Congrats for your 25th!!

Looking forward to seeing what you have got in store for us in September!!

Here is my Final alpha inchy Z

Jan x

daisy said...

Forgot to post the link to my Z inchie, so here it is.

Z Inchie

Have a lovely summer break everyone & see you in the Autumn.

daisy xx

chiara_francy said...

i'm here....
my z-inch