Monday, 26 July 2010

Y IS FOR.........

So did X stump a lot of you then? There were a few names missing!

We're up to Y - and my Y is for YOUTH.
We're nearly at the end of the alphabet challenge - keep your eyes posted for the new type of challenge we will be doing the week after. I'm wondering whether to have a break over the summer or continue - what do you all think?


AngelaC said...

Thanks Fiona... are you recovered? I still can't decide what to do for Y! I guess it might be a good idea to have a break for a few weeks while so many people are on holiday. Also it will give you a break too! What about starting again in September? (mind you I am going on hols then!! LOL)

Lesley said...

Oh I went for fairly similar to you Fiona! I hadn't looked here first!

I'm not going away on holiday so any time you start again is good with me!

Here is mine

tfl xx

JaN's ArTy AtC JouRneY said...

Fab Y inchy Fiona..
I've also gone for a youthful inchy ;)

My Y Inchy is here

Fiona, Whatever you decide to do with the inchie challenge holiday/no holiday etc will be ok with me... I should beable to play most weeks during the summer :)But if you fancy a break, Go for it!!

Jan x

AngelaC said...

Here's my Y inchy:
my blog

Miss Iowa said...

I just found your blog a few weeks ago--too late really to start the alphabet challenge. But I'm interested in playing along whenever you start up again.

missy k said...

Hi Fiona

Sorry I'm late with X - I have had computer issues. Not the computer more the user!!!

But, I have done X, Y and Z.

Re: new challenge - have a break if it suits you best... but I am happy to carry right on.


missy k said...

OOPs! I forgot my link

my X Y and Z inchies are here:

(Imagine a trumpet fanfare!)


love Karenx

LOL ignore Fiona's comment about cheating !!!!!

Aino said...

Lovely inch. Here is my Y and Z also.

Irish3 said...

Y for me..


I'm good to keep making inchies but if you decide to break I'll also be here when you get back. We've been on a pretty good roll though...

chiara_francy said...

my "fantastic" Y-inch!!!